Project 3: Wonderflex Crown

After examining the sketch provided by the designer and approximating proportions based on the distance between the spires and the band as being similar to the distance between the actor’s mustache and chin; simultaneously accounting that the total height of the crown is slightly taller than the distance from the actor’s chin to their nose, I set to work creating an angled band out of brown paper and the proportional spires:

I then flattened and sliced a duplicate out of craft foam:

Applying a slightly larger piece identical to the design of Wonderflex© and affixed it to the craft foam using heat, utilizing a few small scrap pieces of Wonderflex© to close the gap:

I then accented the edges of the spires and base with frill trim and a touch of gold paint utilizing Sculpt or Coat©:

Next I painted a base layer of gold and purple paint, along with Sculpt or Coat© to give an aged gold appearance, applying buttons at the top portions of each spire along the way and stenciled foam rectangles in each band space:

Lastly, I applied another coat of the gold and purple paint mixture, and added painted aquarium glass in an asymmetrical ladder pattern along each spire:

Self Critique:

While I do feel my crown succeeds in meeting the assignment and I really like the foam rectangle and frill design in contrast to the buttons and aquarium glass, I miscalculated the third batch of purple and gold paint, and the end result was closer to a metallic purple than the anticipated aged gold. I am also concerned that the band throughout the process, particularly with the Wonderflex© over the foam, seemed to get taller and taller as I progressed, staying fairly proportionate with the spires, but making for a rather tall crown.