Project 2: Found Objects Crown

After examining the idea board provided and recognizing that most had distinguished bands and jewels, I set to work with the base purchased crown and moved the sides of the cross pattée on the spires to the top, applying Sculpt or Coat© to affix them and to a length of gold-colored plastic foil as a band, painting the outside black as a shadow under-layer:

I then applied Sculpt or Coat© to another piece of gold-colored plastic foil and affixed it to the other to form an internal and external band, and painted the entire crown in a mixture of Sculpt or Coat© and black paint:

Next, I painted the crown an aged gold mixed with Sculpt or Coat©:

The final coat was applied with a mixture of champagne gold glitter and Sculpt or Coat©, creating a sparkly metallic finish:

Lastly, I affixed some teal glass aquarium stones with Sculpt or Coat© and some ruby diamond shaped fire pit glass above as jewels:

Self Critique:

I was greatly impressed with the structural stability the flimsy plastic foil provided once Sculpt or Coat© was applied, without sacrificing comfort. I do feel as though the ruby glass is disproportionate, however, and sticks out, and should have been set into holes through the crown in the same place. Consequently, I might have added some lace around the band to give it some texture or a thin piece of cloth around the inside edge. I feel as though through instruction and practice my artistic talents are improving and I look forward to creating the next crown.