Project 1: /2 Mask

I began with the base mask as shown here:

I set to work researching the “Capitano” character and what the details, designs, and color scheme the costume designer had wanted were, creating a rough preliminary sketch with a few ideas based upon the character’s “warrior” title and blatantly phallic nose:

Next, I applied a base layer of Sculpt or Coat© based papier-mâché and foil, also shaping the plastic mask itself using a utility knife, producing:

Next I studied the general style of the desired mask and carved a foam approximation, snaking wire through it and securing it through the mask to give the nose structure, applying felt where the wire protruded:

The furrowed brow was created out of identical foam came next and both the nose and brow were coated in Sculpt or Coat©, also adding frayed manila rope to provide a wiry and coarse hairy texture, as with the hard eyebrow and mustache design:

Manila rope was also utilized in the mustache, the pièce de résistance, with an added length of wire to keep the mustache straight. The nose was then papier-mâchéd to create a smoother textured nose as well:

A layer of white paint was applied as a base against the underlying colors:

Painting the mask a hardened bronze from the color scheme, the hair (mustache and eyebrows) white to add a sagacious quality, with a touch of metallic blue outlining his eyes and brow as the life of the warrior is wearying at times, and a touch of rosacea, often showing on the nose, as a smug nod towards it’s phallic nature:

Self Critique:

Having never papier-mâchéd nor artistically painted before, I believe the end result is quite a personal improvement. While I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to master the use of any fine details in painting, I now know what to expect and am determined to improve my technique in future projects. While I do believe my use of rope was beneficial, I will have to find a more efficient way of coloring such material. I also believe I should have reduced the nose length by a few inches as well, as it is somewhat obscuring to the actors vision. Having had no former experience, I am proud of my first project as such, but look forward to an improved technique.