DS106 Assignment Bank Alternative History Book Back “The Sun Sets…”

This is the back of my fictitious alternative history book.



My book is written around the alternative history that the United States does not become a nation, until the “London Declaration” in 1949 (though much like India, I made it 1950) and because of  British territorial wars, was never expanded beyond it’s 13 colonies. This book is written in 1957, as a reflection on the first seven years of nationhood, as British reign and influence fades away, and a new Mongolian threat emerges, pushing west, after a Japanese cadmean victory during WWII left them open to Mongolian invasion. My book back also sports the review from an idyllic American press, which is not centered around liberty and freedom, since no revolutionary war was fought, but around prosperity. Lastly, the title of the book is supposed to reflect both the quote “The sun never sets on the British Empire” and an impending darkness.

In order to make my alternate history book back, I looked through the Book Cover Archive to gain inspiration:

I then opened Photoshop and used the portrait option, instead of landscape.

Next, I went and made the entire area blue with the rectangle feature.

I then, using the masks option, edited the “feather” and “density” of the colored rectangle so that it had the right tint.

Next, I selected the text option on the sidebar, clicked on the rectangle, and wrote to my heart’s content.

Then, I searched web until I found some public domain images of: the “Union Jack”, the Republic of Mongolia’s Flag, the thirteen United States Colonies, and their corresponding flag. I then opened each of them in Adobe Photoshop.

and changed each of the flags image sizes to fit on the original colonies map.

With the “Union Jack” , I changed the saturation and lightness to give it the “fading away” look.

Lastly, I copied and pasted all of the pictures over to my original blue rectangle and arranged them as so.